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Coda from Steerage: At Minetta Tavern, Still No Prime Time Resys for the Masses

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Not content with his kvetching and moaning thus far, Minetta Tavern persona non resy Jesse Oxfeld pinged us with an update on his quest to book a table at Keith McNally's Greenwich Village temple. Recall that a disgruntled Oxfeld had been denied a 30-days-out 8 PM reservation, a reservationist having explained to him, "we'll no longer accept prime time reservations." HRH Keith then confirmed most of Oxfeld's story, but was unapologetic on account of Oxfeld's phone manner, or lack there of. So, back on the phones, did an improved attitidude serve this brave civilian any better? Alas:

Jesse Oxfeld: so i will tell you this, sir:
ENY: ?
Jesse Oxfeld: at 9:07 this morning, calling from a caller-id-blocked number, and in my friendliest tone of voice (which is not to concede i was unfriendly last time around, because i wasn't), i inquired about wednesday, october 15, which is 30 days from today.
Jesse Oxfeld: (and, obviously, a random october wednesday.)
Jesse Oxfeld: "it looks like we could do 5:30, 6 o'clock, or, after that, it looks like the next availability is 10."
ENY: 7 minutes is a long time.
Jesse Oxfeld: that's true.
Jesse Oxfeld: also, this is not french laundry.
ENY: may i point out that as yet you have no way of knowing that.
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