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Jennifer Aniston Plans to Open Mexican Restaurant in NYC

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This is too perfect not to work. Jennifer "I've always wanted to open a restaurant" Aniston told Conan O'Brien last night that she's considering opening a Mexican restaurant in New York City, because a) we don't really have enough and b) “Usually a really great night is had at a Mexican restaurant, no?” Sure. Why not? To sweeten the deal, Aniston muses that she'll show up every now and again to guest waitress. Beat that De Niro!

It all sounds well and good, but won't all this restaurant opening and guest waitressing get in the way of her starring in films and conspicuously flirting with all her male co-stars? At least it will be a good way for her to meet people.
· Jennifer Aniston Hopes to Open a Mexican Restaurant in NYC [Latina]

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