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Eater Inside: Gansevoort 69

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[Krieger, 9/14/09]

Meatpacking District: The long awaited opening of a new non-zombie restaurant in the old beloved Florent space has finally arrived. Meet Gansevoort 69, the day old breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night spot from David Graziano and Corey Lane of Bagatelle and Kiss & Fly. Their chef Jacqueline Lombard has created an American comfort food menu which includes mac 'n' cheese, burgers, BLTs, meatloaf, and (?) spaghettios. From midnight until 6 a.m., she'll also serve up chicken and waffles, pancakes, and frittatas.

Those familiar with Florent will notice the new space looks hardly anything like its predecessor, a fact that pleases former owner Florent Morellet—pushed out due to a rent hike. He said last week, "It was good closure. It wasn't a quarter Florent or half Florent sitting there. It's time to move on." Take a look at the brunch menu, dinner menu, midnight menu, and dessert menu.