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The Curious Case of the Still Shuttered Tailor

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Following their May bankruptcy, Sam Mason's Tailor closed for the entire months of July and August for a nice little summer break. But halfway through September, that upstairs dining room is still dark. Eben Freeman, who put the downstairs bar on the map for his crazy cocktails, left the restaurant this month, and Mason himself is busy filming his TV show for IFC. Now a tipster adds to the intrigue:

"I have a friend that used to work there who said apparently he [Mason] had a bad fallout and the owners basically gave him the boot. But I am not sure what to believe or what is going on."
Neither is anyone at this point. Calls to the restaurant go straight to voicemail and multiple visits reveal a ghost town. Any information about the real status of the restaurant should be forwarded straight to the tipline.
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