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Fall Tracking: The Boom Boom Room Unveiled

Over the weekend, Andre Balazs' 18th floor show stopper The Boom Boom Room opened for private parties. Madonna was there, Andre was there, and (!) Down by the Hipster was there. The place is "open" to the "public" on September 22nd, and the door policy will inevitably be tight, though the specifics are still a question mark. To hold everyone over until they loosen things up a bit, the full reveal, per DBTH:

The Setup: "The space is gorgeous, with a bar anchoring the center of the room and floor to ceiling windows offering patrons stunning views in every direction. While the bar is in center field, the tables ring the venue, giving the guests who occupy the soft, tan couches the opportunity to stare out into the Manhattan night."

The Bathrooms: "Let's just say that standing that high in the air and being able to see down to the ground does not make it easy to use the bathroom. We'll leave it at that."

The Outdoor spaces: "Besides the massive main terrace in the southwest corner of the 18th floor, the Boom Boom has several doors leading to smaller outdoor spaces in multiple locations, allowing patrons the chance to quickly pop outside for a smoke or to take in the night air."

Final assessment: "Overall, the Boom Boom Room is a game changer in the history of New York City nightlife...But unless it's programmed correctly, the Boom Boom will quickly move from game changer status to the most amazing and boring hotel bar in New York City. The design and layout are more geared to quiet conversation rather than partying, which isn't a bad thing, but can give the place a reputation as staid."

Boom. There it is. Any lucky tipsters who have more early accounts to share, please do send them on this way.

· An Evening At: The Boom Boom Room [DBTH]