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Eater Inside: Saltie & An Nhau

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Williamsburg: This is a big fall season for Williamsburg. The Knitting Factory opened in the Luna space last week, Mercat is opening a branch over on Grand and Kent, the Spuyten Duyvil empire is expanding, Fatty 'Cue and Pies 'n' Thighs should make their long delayed debuts, and over by the BQE, Tom Mylan is constructing a mega cooking school butchery complex.

Leading off the renaissance, here are the most recent newcomers, Saltie and An Nhau.

Saltie is the new daytime sandwich shop/bakery opening in the old Cheeks space on Friday. Run by Caroline Fidanza, the chef at Diner for a decade, it's a minuscule little spot with no beer, no wine, and no bathroom. But chance are she'll be serving up some killer snacks, a welcome addition to that strip of Metropolitan.

Meanwhile, over by the Bedford L stop, tiny banh mi shop Banh Mi 172 has finished its long promised expansion, opening An Nhau, a restaurant next door serving pho, pork belly, spring rolls, pork ribs, and the like. Early word so far is the place has potential.

Saltie: 378 Metropolitan Ave., Williamsburg, 718-387-4777.

An Nhau: 172 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg; 718-384-0028

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