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Eater Inside: Los Feliz

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[Krieger, 9/10/09]

Introducing Los Feliz, the obscenely gorgeous new three story taco and tequila spot that opened in the old Suba space on Tuesday night. Run by the people behind Spitzer's Corner, Fat Baby, and the Darkroom, Los Feliz has multiple dining rooms, multiple bars, a lounge with a DJ, a hidden pdr, and a surfeit of nooks, crannies, and corners to disappear into.

As for the food, chef Julieta Ballesteros offers the expected line up of quesadillas, tacos, ceviches etc., and according to the complex's first Yelp review, both the food and the margaritas have serious potential. Does it also have the potential to become an LES douche-magnet? Sure. It's on Ludlow near Riviginton. But, please lord, let's hope they spare this one space. It's just so pretty. Take a look around, send in early reviews here, and check out some further reading here and here.