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Eater Giveaways: Come to Eater's Chef Marathon at SD26

This Monday, September 14th, Eater is officially kicking off the New York Wine & Food Festival three weeks early with a back to school party of sorts for chefs, industry types, restaurateurs, and various hangers on at the yet to open SD26. Tony May's army of chefs will be there to provide the grub, Absolut is on cocktail duty, and chefs big and small will stop by throughout the night to join in the festivities.

But it wouldn't be complete without some Eater readers in the mix. So continuing with our Friday afternoon giveaway extravaganza, we'd like to invite five readers (plus dates) to join in. Since we've decided to call this a "chef's marathon," an admittedly curious designation, the challenge is this: send in a Photoshop of a chef's marathon. Interpret it as you wish. Winners get to come on Monday.
· New York Wine and Food Festival [Official Site]

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