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Florent Gives his Seal of Approval to Gansevoort 69

An excited tipster (restaurant owner?) sent an email in this morning to let everyone know that the one and only Florent Morellet crashed the first friends and family dinner at Gansevoort 69, the new restaurant opening in the Florent corpse next week. "When it was explained to him that this was a private dinner, and the restaurant would open Monday, he politely introduced himself. He did end up having dinner, and gave his full approval on the new place. Very cool guy!"

To make sure he really did give his full approval, Eater got Florent on the line. He explains:

I was walking down 9th avenue with my boyfriend, and I said "Why not? Let's go." We went and we had a wonderful time. I want to wish them good luck, and also to tell them to not be bothered by the past. The past is the past. They were so happy that I came, and it was very celebratory...And the place looks completely different than what Florent was. It was good closure. It wasn't a quarter Florent or half Florent sitting there. It's time to move on.

As for what Florent is moving onto, he said he would indeed like to open another restaurant but isn't sure just when. He said he wants to have a spot that is calm and family oriented in the front and more lively and raucous in the back, appealing to as wide an audience as possible: "I would like to recreate the feeling of Florent but it will take a lot of moves. And geography is the first part."
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