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Eater Inside: The Capital Grille

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[Horine; 9/9/09]

FiDi: Behold, FiDi's newest schmancy steakhouse, The Capital Grille, opening to the public on September 28. Located on three levels of an old bank building (hence, that vault up there), the new Wall Street location of the national chain isn't the biggest of fall openings, but enough deprived and be-suited gentleman have been sending daily updates to the tipline that we figure it deserves a tour. It offers the same menu that can be found up in the Time Life or Chrysler Buildings—meaning lots of steaks, lots of wine—but for the walls, they have specially commissioned paintings of 16 prominent New Yorkers, including Solomon R. Guggenheim, Peter Stuyvesant, Charles Dow, John Jacob Astor, and John Jay.

The restaurant seats 413 and has seven private dining rooms. You can bet, as is the case at Sho Shaun Hergatt, the owners are hoping for a stronger Wall Street recovery.

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