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The Plywood Report: Red Hook Lobster Pound, Terroir, Tasti D Lite, and More

1) Tribeca: A tipster reports that Terroir West, which Marco Canora originally wanted to open next to Dell'Anima, will actually be in Tribeca. Specifics are still unavailable and Canora is calling the tip "misinformation," but he's most likely just being cautious. More wine for Tribeca! [PLYWOOD]

2) Red Hook: Lost City picks up a story from Sarah Schmerler that Red Hook Lobster Pound will be adding a kitchen so that they can start selling the $13 lobster rolls that they hawk at Brooklyn Flea at their 284 Van Brunt Street location. [PLYWOOD]

3) Carroll Gardens: Grub Street writes that the old Cafe Dore space on Smith Street will become a French restaurant from first time restaurateur Benoit Rousan. According to Rousan, the yet to be named restaurant will serve "French countryside cuisine with an upscale twist". The interior will be designed by Brooklyn-based design firm Hecho, who have done the interiors for The Box, Spitzer's Corner, Delicatessen, and Building on Bond.

4) West Village: Jeremiah's Vanishing New York posts a photo of the new Tasti-D-Lite going in to the former Chez Brigitte space at 77 Greenwich Ave. Chez Brigitte shuttered last summer after 50 years in operation when the rent doubled after their lease expired. [PLYWOOD]

5) Far West Village: Roving photog Will Femia found out a new space is going in to 395 West St. by the West Side Highway. Any further intel on this spot should be sent this way. [PLYWOOD]

6) Upper West Side: From the tipline: "The old MaryAnn's restaurant and florist (next door) at the Greystone Hotel 212 West 91st St at Broadway are being boarded up with plywood and a worker says it will be a restaurant." [PLYWOOD]
—Leah Herman

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