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Rumormongering: Momo Midtown Coming Soon?

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Midtown: Gastrodamus spreads a rumor this morning that David Chang & Associates is taking over the shuttered Town space on West 56th St. According to The Feedbag, the restaurant will be French-Vietnamese—most likely helmed by Ssam Bar's Tien Ho— and it's a mere six weeks away from opening. Now, Gastrodamus has been wrong in the past (Gilt, Aquavit), but given that we've heard from multiple sources that the Momo hive is abuzz with the planning of multiple new projects (get ready, West Coast), and a trusted Eater tipster heard a similar Midtown rumor, Cutlets is probably right on this one. Midtown is about to be changed forever.
· Momofuku Midtown is Six Weeks Away [TFB]