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KO-Boom: Why That Momo Comic Looks so Familiar

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An observant Eater operative, after wondering why Bon Ap's Momofuku Ko comic looked so damn familiar, found the above photo (full size here) of the soft opening of MomoKo in the archives. It's curious to say the least. While there's nothing wrong with an illustrator using a photograph as a model—though the AP would argue otherwise—it is interesting that Ruth Reichl, editor of rival Conde mag Gourmet was switched with Men's Health's Dave Zinczenko and made to look, ahem, a bit manly. One must wonder: Was that a cognizant move on Bon Ap's part or just the creative choice of illustrator Matthew Woodson? At least it's fair to assume that the original photographer, Momo regular Kathryn Yu, won't be suing.
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