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Chang, on Health Leave, Confirms Momo Midtown

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The Times confirms the Dash 'Bag's post today that Momofuku's David Chang is opening a restaurant in the old Town space in the Chambers Hotel. Room service (!) for guests will start in six weeks, and the restaurant itself will open in "late fall" (which in this industry often means winter). Chang tells Dining Section editor Pete Wells that the ideas for the place are in flux but it will be designed by Thomas Schlesser (DBGB, Bar Boulud) and they're considering adding a Milk Bar to the front and a bar bar in the back. Most interestingly, Chang confirms this while on a doctor-mandated vacation in California because he suffered what they thought was an aneurysm. In good health or poor, this Momo Train has to keep on schedule!

The final East Village breakout was an inevitability, but the Town choice—both due to size and location—is a bizarre development for sure. We second a commenter on this one: "Momo crossing 13th street, midtown bound is exciting news. But if in a year, there is a Momo UWS - its over for me, man."
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