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EaterWire: Movies at Enoteca on Court, Bar Opening 101

CARROLL GARDENS— Starting August 16, Brooklyn newcomer Enoteca on Court will host a series of alfresco Italian movie nights on Sundays. Each of the nine screenings—think La Dolce Vita, Cinema Paradiso—begins at 7:30 pm. [EaterWire]

WEST VILLAGE— Midtown Lunch notices an awesome blog post on the Wafels & Dinges blog that recounts a night in which truck owner Thomas DeGeest was arrested for a two year old ticket. [W&D via ML]

EAST VILLAGE— Dan Maccarone, first time bar owner, gets on the AG's blog to talk about opening his East Village baby Destination. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is how much everything ended up costing: "You find yourself reaching deeper into your pockets because you believe in your dream - but that feeling that you better succeed quickly becomes a constant thought." [AG]

EAST VILLAGE— Starting this weekend, Death & Co. will launch "The Sunday Selection." Each week the bar will offer a menu of cocktails based on one spirit, each for $10. [EaterWire]