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Douglas Rodriguez OUT at Nuela, Chatting with Nieporent

At right: the current state of Nuela
At right: the current state of Nuela

Buried in Flo Fab's Off the Menu report this morning came the news that Chef Douglas Rodriguez of Top Chef Masters fame was on the move and no longer affiliated with the much-delayed Flatiron project Nuela. Though there reportedly isn't any bad blood between DR and the investors, tight-lipped sources close to the chef tell Eater that he's left due to "creative differences" and is "actively looking for other opportunities in New York." Pretty vague stuff, but there are some interesting rumors floating around this afternoon:

1) The chef wasn't being consulted on major management and hiring decisions and felt like there was no choice but to leave, and 2) He's gotten an offer from Drew Nieporent and is currently working out a deal with the restaurateur. If this Nieporent thing has any truth to it, it could be an excellent move for the Nuevo Latino pioneer. Maybe they can do something with the Mai House space.
—Gabe Ulla
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