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Nasty Lawsuits: Ex Chef John Schaefer Sues Irving Mill

Photo: the Rivas
Photo: the Rivas

Union Square: Cityfile has copies of a recent lawsuit and countersuit filed by ex Irving Mill chef John Schaefer and the owners of the restaurant. How it breaks down: Schaefer claims that owners Suzanne, Mario, and Sergio Riva refused to pay him outstanding checks after he was let go—he also claims they use the restaurant as a personal piggy bank, but that's besides the point. According to him, they "threatened to expose him as a drunk if he took legal action against them." And thus, in the countersuit, the Rivas expose him as a drunk and accuse him of scamming the restaurant's health insurance plan. The intrigue! One can only wonder what their relationship with his successor, Ryan Skeen, was like. He should did get out of there in a hurry.
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