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Post Mortems: Why Dory Closing Should Lead to An Otto

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In re the corpse of John Dory I, it should be noted that elements of Del Posto's controversial HVAC—the subject of that ridiculous lease battle between Del Posto and the owners of 85 10th Ave a little while back—is located in the drop ceiling above the Dory dining room. In fact, the ceiling on the right side of the restaurant is as low as it is because of said equipment. Bastianich is a player in both restaurants, of course, and arguably The John Dory was part of Big Bad Basti's solution to the Case of the Trespassing HVAC.

Here's why this is no small thing: Dory has massively high ceilings without the drop for that HVAC equipment. One could probably put an entire second level in the space, double up the square footage, if Del Posto could find a place in its own restaurant for its duct work. In fact, if Ken Friedman with Joe Bastianich's help couldn't stay in the black, the extra square footage is probably what is required to run a profitable business out of the space. But that leads us back to that pesky HVAC, which the cruise ship doesn't have room for—and which any future tenant of the Dory space will want gone. So, someone tell us why Joe B shouldn't keep Dory and Batali-brand it into an Otto?
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