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10 Components of the Julie & Julia Media Blitz/Mania

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Please note the movie is not even going to be released until this Friday:

1) Nora Ephron in The New Yorker, Nora Ephron in Vogue, Nora Ephron in MoDo's column. Ephron even sat down with 10 lowly film and food bloggers.
2) Cameos by Frank Bruni, Corby Kummer, and Amanda Hesser.
3) Julie Child inspires the typically epic Michael Pollan treatment.
4) Times pieces in the following sections: Bitten, Movies, Dining and Wine (plus an interactive feature), Diner's Journal, Bits. One assumes there will be a proper review on Fri.
5) Giveaways on all the blogs.
6) A star studded premiere with actual food "celebs" in attendance including Gael Greene, Kelly Choi, Amanda Hesser, Katie Lee Joel, Anthony Bourdain, Sandra Lee.
7) ICE's Julia Child cooking class
8) Brooklyn's Saul restaurant (and this one is SF) is putting on a Child Tribute Dinner.
9) A stream of preview screenings for bloggers and writers
10) Food stylist Susan Spungen now a columnist for The Atlantic.