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EaterWire: Montiel Back at Gusto, More on Saltie

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Please don't get nipples in your chicharrons, via The MomoBook

WILLIAMSBURG— Fork in the Road gets some new details on Saltie, the new restaurant that ex-Diner chef Caroline Fidanza is opening in the teeny weeny Cheeks spot in Williamsburg. First, the place has no bathroom. Meaning, they can't serve beer and wine. Second, it will close at 8 p.m. Third, there is no gas. Basically, it's going to be a sandwich and cookie spot. [Fork in the Road]

WEST VILLAGE— News from Gusto: "Saul Montiel is back as head chef at Gusto Ristorante after a brief stint where we had Ryan Lowder doing the menu. But the prodigal son has returned, and the menu is back to being classic, old-fair Italiano, just like it was always meant to be." Good times. [EaterWire]

DRUNK TOWNAlinea has started a wine club. The intro package includes a bottle of champagne, two flutes, a wacky cork presenter, and a whole slew of recipes and wine notes. 24 bottles, hand selected to go with dishes in the restaurant, goes for $1,400. Speaking of Alinea, they'll be live streaming dinner service tonight on Gizmodo. [EaterWire; Gizmodo]

CELEB CHEFDOM— The Spotted Pig's April Bloomfield tells British GQ that after the Breslin opens she plans on writing some cookbooks—"I'll probably do a Pig and a Dory"—and opening a tea house or bakery. Also, after work she eats at Rai Rai Ken on 10th. [GQ]

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