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Sacked! Daily News Drops Restaurant Girl

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Nine months after New York kicked its second tier critic Gael Greene to the curb, the Daily News has dropped its restaurant critic Danyelle Freeman—aka The RG—aka one of the most unabashedly recognizable critics in New York. It was considered quite the controversial move two years ago when the News hired a lowly blogger (with her picture plastered on her site) to the echelons of pro food criticism, and she's had her fair share of detractors over the years. That said, she's done a respectable and diligent job over her tenure there, and if the Post is right, the RG boot is more about finances than her performance. Freeman tells the paper she isn't being replaced. After losing the Sun altogether and the restaurant criticism in the Observer, this is just the latest sign of a shrinking pro critic pool in New York. Que sera.

The RG will continue writing her blog, but the question remains as to how her Twitter impostor will take the news.
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