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The Incredible wd~50 Dinner You're Never Getting Into

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To review, back in June it was announced that a coterie of French chefs would be descending upon New York, taking over the Momofuku Empire and wd~50 for one night in September. Last week, Momofuku released their resys, giving lucky fans the chance to have a once in a lifetime kind of meal. But not a peep has come out of the wd~50 camp. That's because this dinner is too good for the proles.

While Pascal Barbot, Alexandre Gauthier, Iñaki Aizpitarte, and David Kinch descend on Momo, one of the most revered chefs in France and a hero to many over in the States, Michel Bras, will join David Chang and Wylie Dufresne in the kitchen of wd~50. A call to the restaurant today reveals they'll serve one seating at $250 a head, the menu is all Bras' invention—Chang and Dufresne will be quietly chopping vegetables we presume—and the meal is all vegetarian. Kind of makes Chang's recent vegetarian Beard House dinner make a little more sense, eh?

But don't get too excited. The waiting list is already full, and smart money says there won't be a non-VIP in the house that night. Maybe if you're good, they'll let you press your face against the glass.
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