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EaterWire: Brunch at Charles, Bruni Double Take

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WEST VILLAGE— The previously mentioned brunch at Charles launches this Sunday. A new PR rep for the once elusive restaurant reports, "The menu, by Executive Chef Kristine Mana-ay, features dishes such as a Rhubarb & Strawberry Compote (greek yogurt, vanilla syrup,) a Ricotta Pancake (berries, buttered maple syrup,) a Lobster BLT (citrus aioli on multi-grain brad with homemade yukon potato chips) and of course a variety of egg dishes...Sunday Brunch dishes at Charles Restaurant range from $8 to $18." [EaterWire]

BRUNIVERSE—A tipster writes: "While re-watching an Arrested Development episode (fourth time's the charm) a scene with the character J. Walter Weatherman was playing...and I thought I was watching Frank Bruni on TV. Actor Steve Ryan, best known for portraying the character J. Walter Weatherman in Arrested Development, looks nearly identical to Frank Bruni as far as I'm concerned. Here are two pics of the now-deceased actor." [BruniWire]