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Stephen Starr Wants His Own Lucali in Philly

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It's no secret that mega-restaurateur Stephen Starr has been visiting New York's best pizza places as research for his new pie joint in Philly. But, how about cherry picking some of the city's best talent to consult? Read this compelling note in the tipline about Lucali pizzaiolo Mark Iacono:

...guess who came in with his entourage for dinner and begged for him to be their consultant on a new project...none other than Stephen Star and his crew. They ate pie after pie and left him a juicy stack of star dollar certificates for their establishments (he said he said he can’t use because he is always working)...Mark said he was very nice and very insistent but of course declined.
Two points here. 1. Starr recognizes the pizza genius of Lucali. 2. They dropped gift certificates?
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