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Roll Backs: Lines Form for Patsy's 60 Cent Pizza Day

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To celebrate it 76th anniversary, the original Patsy's location in East Harlem is serving 90¢ steaks, 60¢ pizza pies, and 1¢ sodas today, and as expected, the people are already lined down the block waiting for it (50 so far by our count). As a bonus this year, the NYPD and the FDNY are having a pizza-eating challenge, and 118th Street and First Avenue will officially be renamed 'Patsy's Way. Careful followers will remember that last year's similar publicity stunt was a massive shitshow, resulting in Patsy's pulling the plug three hours early. Perhaps they've worked out the kinks this time around. Those of you heading up there, let us know how it goes.
Reporting by Gabe Ulla
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