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EaterWire: Meet Cedric Vongerichten, Liebrandt Snaps

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WEST VILLAGE— Jean-Georges Vongerichten gets on the blog to introduce his fans to his son and newest Perry St. chef Cedric Vongerichten: "Because my father had tried to push me into the family coal business, I wanted to make sure Cedric did what he wanted. I love being a chef, but I never wanted to force my son into the hard life of restaurant kitchens." [JGV]

TRIBECA— A note to food journalists: don't bother asking Corton chef Paul Liebrandt general or lazy questions. He has no patience for them. [BB]

UPPER EAST SIDE—According to the City Room and a press release sent out by street vendor advocate Sean Basinski, the vending wars continue outside the Met today. Cops descended on the growing army of vendors now stationed outside the museum and issued heavy fines and summonses. [City Room]