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Fall Tracking: Let the Fall Previews Begin

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In case it wasn't obvious that the days of summer are waning, restaurant media outlets have already started putting out their massive annual fall preview guides. Metromix is out of the gate with a five parter covering about 50 restaurants in Downtown West, Downtown East, Uptown, and Brooklyn, and 14 upcoming bars. Over at New York they have a list of the critics' favorites, and then a more general round up of what the dining world has in store. TONY hasn't released its preview yet, but its blog does have some new details on the new No. 7 sandwich shop in the Ace Hotel, while the Strongbuzz discovers a former Employees Only chef has signed a lease on 10th between 1st and A. It's a lot to wade through and a lot to get excited about. Once the Times runs its epic preview closer Labor Day, there will be a chance to step back and decide which are the spots to watch (Momo Midtown, Pulino's, The Breslin), which have zero odds of opening before the new year (Fatty 'Cue, Pulino's again), and what new trends lay on the horizon.
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