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Presevation Report: Vesuvio to Reopen as a Third Birdbath

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The Robs report in this week's New York that Birdbath, City Bakery's line of small eco-conscious offshoots, will open its third location (not counting the High Line) in the old Vesuvio Bakery space, saving it from tear down or major conversion. The 90 year-old neighborhood staple closed early last summer, professing to reopen after a routine oven cleaning. Soon the signs in the window were graffitied with notes from saddened visitors, someone started selling shoes in the window, the place went up for sale, commemorative t-shirts were made, and it made it into a Morgan Stanley ad. It was a sad loss, but in a day and age where it could have easily be turned into a Qdoba or a Baoguette, it's a relief that Birdbath's Maury Rubin is taking it: "It’s an heirloom, it’s a treasure, it means the world...That I have a chance to have my bakery be in it is a gift.” This will be the first Birdbath with a made-to-order menu.

Meanwhile, in Forest Hills, 60 year-old Jay Dee Bakery has closed and the new owner has no interest in its Art Deco details. Preservationist Michael Perlman has convinced him to give away any salvageable items for free. Photos are here; email here if interested.
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