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Eater Inside: Yerba Buena Perry

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[Krieger, 8/21/09]

Greenwich Village: Unassuming but popular little Ave. A Latin spot Yerba Buena expands west this week with the opening (Wed. or Thurs.) of Yerba Buena Perry in the old Matador space on the corner of Greenwich and Perry Streets. It offers some of the same Latin staples as its sister but with more seating, a more stylish decor, outdoor space, and schmancy cocktails by a PDT alum. Chef/co-owner Julian Medina's aps, which include ceviches, empanadas, and arepas, range from $9-$15, entrees (roast suckling pig, grilled black cod) are $20 - $35. Cocktails are $12. More reading here, here, and here.