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The Shutter: The L Stop, Lassi, Eli's, and More

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Welcome to the Friday shutter. Know of any other restaurant that has served its last? Let us know.


1) Williamsburg: A tipster writes in with the news that the L Stop cafe in Williamsburg on Metropolitan between Union and the BQE (above) has closed: "This was open for like a day I think, maybe a week. Weird, but made me recall the F Line Bagels shutdown of a few years ago." [ShutterWire]

2) West Village: Grub Street reports that Village Indian spot Lassi will close after service on August 27: "Owner Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez tells us that her lease is up, since her landlord is a 'schmuck.' But the good news is that Carlucci-Rodriguez says she’s looking around for a new location." [GS]

3) Prospect Heights: Brownstoner brings the sad news that Old Brooklyn Parlor, the "ye olde-style coffee/ice cream shop on Vanderbilt Ave," closed last week. It was open for only a couple of years. [Brownstoner]

4) Midtown: Kosher NY writes that Eli's Deli in the CitiGroup atrium has closed: "It seems that the economic climate has come to affect them as well. It will be a loss to the Deli community." [KosherNY]