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BLOCKBUSTER: Momofuku Now Accepting Resys for Epic French Invasion

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As mentioned back in June, David Chang will be handing over his Momofuku Empire to three famous French chefs (and now one American chef) on September 13 & 14 for an event curated by Omnivore, a French restaurant guide. Given these three are some of France's best culinary talents cooking at some of the most beloved East Village restos, the resies will be both coveted and impossible to get. And they're online now. Unlike the Momo Ko, Momo Chicken Dinner, and Momo Bo Ssam resies, there is online form to be submitted instead of the usual scramble for check marks. That mean, yes oh yes VIPS, start calling Chang now to pull those favors. Here are how the dinners break down:

Momofuku Ko: "Pascal Barbot of L’astrance – 'the most impossible reservation in paris' (gourmet magazine) – will be creating a special tasting menu for one night only at momofuku ko. a living legend with 3 michelin stars and the 11th san pellegrino world’s 50 best restaurant?enough said." $300 per person, 12 seats.

Momofuku Ssam Bar: "Alexandre Gauthier of La Grenouillère – the hottest young chef in france, leading a new era in food – will be presenting a unique and radical 7-course menu at momofuku ssam bar. la grenouillère has one michelin star." $100 per person for a 7 course meal.

Momofuku Noodle Bar: "Iñaki Aizpitarte of Le Chateaubriand – the most famous chef in france that no one knows in the u.s. – will be cooking an eclectic and whimsical 5-course tasting menu at momofuku noodle bar. le chateaubriand is number 40 on san pellegrino world’s 50 best restaurants." $50 for 5 courses.

Momofuku Milk Bar: "David Kinch of Manresa, one of the united state’s best restaurants, will be preparing an innovative 6-course dinner menu at momofuku milk bar. manresa has two michelin stars." $125 for 6 courses. 24 seats.
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