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Applemania: McNally Taps Appleman for Bowery Pizzeria

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Followers of the twitter feed for Nate Appleman, San Fransico import and the city's biggest free agent chef right now, may have noticed he's had a keen interest in NYC pizza. That, in addition to his purported one day stint at Williamsburg's Motorino, makes it not so surprising to see where he's finally landed after his abrupt departure from his West Coast restaurants A16 and SPQR. Grub Street reports that the potential next Iron Chef will be teaming up with none other than Sir Keith McNally on his new Bowery pizza joint, now called Pulino Pizzeria. They correctly note that it's "a (characteristically) very shrewd move for McNally and a virtual lottery win for Appleman, who has something to prove in NYC." The projected opening is December.
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