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Recaps: Top Chef Masters Ends the Way it Began...Zzzzzz

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Turns out that Top Chef Masters spoiler was a bona fide spoiler after all. (Also: spoiler alert?) Last night Ned Flanders beat out the Silver Fox Hubert Keller and Italian Stallion Michael Chiarello to win Bravo's latest attempt to capitalize on the country's unhealthy Top Chef addiction. Like any good finale, this time the chefs were allowed to cook unhindered by budgets, restrictive themes, or ridiculous mid episode twists. Thus, excellent cooking, but no surprises, no drama, another TCM snooze. As charming as Hubert and Michael are, aw shucks Rick Bayless has been the man to beat all along, so kudos. Makes one wish for a Topolobampo in NYC. The highlight: when uber-competitive Chiarello says though gritted teeth: "So Rick went home with the gold...I love that he won." Now let's all agree to never have back to back episodes of Top Chef ever again. Time to move on to the main event.
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