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Ice Cream Hating Mom Peddles Fried Twinkies to Children

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Yesterday, the Times' ran a piece about overprotective moms who are "irate" over the summertime menace that is the neighborhood ice cream man. They ruin their childrens' dinners, they push unhealthy additive-laden poison on unsuspecting youngsters, etc. But here's a funny thing. Gawker notices today that one of the quoted moms—the one who likened an ice cream pop vendor to a predator, the one who said "I notice what happens to my daughter when she eats these sugar-filled things with all these additives"—is the co-owner of Chip Shop in Park Slope. For those unfamiliar, Chip Shop is the British kid-friendly restaurant that will fry up anything customers bring in, be it pizza, M&Ms, a Chipwich, whatever! Already on the menu: fried Twinkies, Mars Bars, and Twix. Gawker writes:

The Chip Shop is located in a densely populated area filled with families...So isn't it sort of "predatory" to open a restaurant that sells crap like fried the middle of the New York City's neighborhood most synonymous with urban family life? Well, yes, perhaps it is, so leave the freakin' ice cream man alone lady!
Yes, but she sells junk to kids without that annoying Pop Goes the Weasel song, so she gets a pass.
· Park Slope Mom Who Wants to Ban 'Predatory' Ice Cream Trucks Is a Fried Pudding Pusher [Gawker]
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