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Eater Inside: Mari Vanna

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[Krieger, 8/18/09]

Tonight, the new East 20th Street Russian spot Mari Vanna opens to the public after months of private parties, members only dinners, and previews. The 100 seat space is outfitted like an upscale Russian home, crammed with tchotchkes like dolls, pots, and decorative plates and lined with shelves holding both books and jars of fruit laden vodka. All in it's pretty charming, especially if you get a window seat overlooking their little garden.

As for the menu, they serve Russian classics like borsch, Chicken Kiev, blinis with caviar, beef stroganoff, and Russian style hot dogs at relatively high end prices (entrees $18 - 27, desserts $10, oysters $4 each). And of course they have an extensive vodka list featuring top shelf bottles from all over the world and flavored vodkas infused inhouse. Due to the extensive previews, there are already plenty of early takes all over the web. See here here, and here for more.

Herring with Potatoes 12
Carrot Cutlets with Grilled Vegetables 16
Cod Liver Pâte 12
Cheese Plate 17
Blinis with Red Caviar (30gr) 25
Blinis with Black Caviar (30gr) Sturgeon Royal Collection 195
Hachapuri – Georgian style Cheese Pie 12
Soleniya – Pickled Vegetables 12
Oysters (Malpeque and Kumamoto) 4ea

Ogorod – Assortment of Seasonal Fresh Vegetables 10
Sunflower Salad – Fresh Vegetables with Sunflower Seeds 12
Olivier – Russian’s Favorite Potato Salad with Sage Mayo 12
Vinegret – Beet and Vegetable Salad 12
Kamchatka’s Crab Salad with Poached Egg and Fresh Vegetables 17

Borsch with Pompushka – Traditional Beet Soup with Beef 10
Svekolnick (with or without Beef) – Cold Beet Soup 10
Okroshka (with Kefir or Kvas) – Cold Soup with Vegetables and Cold Cuts 10

Braised Duck Leg with Mashed Potato 25
Beef Stroganoff with Buckwheat, and Mushrooms with Truffle Oil 27
Chicken Kiev with Grilled Vegetables and Lingonberry Sauce 25
Sosiski with Mashed Potato and Green Peas (Russian style Hot Dogs) 18
Rainbow Trout with Chanterelle Mushrooms in White Sauce 27
Crab Cake in Red Caviar Sauce with Petite Salad 27

Blinis – Served with Sweetened Condensed Milk 10
Sirniki – Farmers’ Cheese Pancakes 10
Smetannik with Strawberries (Our signature dessert) 10