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Lawsuits: Workers Accuse Mama Mexico of Foul Play

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According to widely distributed press release, seven current and former workers are filing a class action lawsuit against NYC and NJ high-end Mexican chain Mama Mexico for withholding wages and overtime compensation, misappropriating employee tips, retaliation, pregnancy discrimination, encouraging a hostile work environment, and assault and battery. Ironic that it's possible the chain is unfairly making its money off "the backs of the company's hourly employees" as alleged by the lawsuit, because the owner Rojas Campos is an immigrant and former dishwasher himself, often touting his humble roots.

Of course neither the press release nor this Daily News piece written from it get a comment from Campos, and the case has yet to be heard. While employee lawsuits often receive a lot of buzz at the beginning, only a few come away with big results (see Saigon Grill). That said, these are fairly serious charges, and it will be interesting to see what comes of it.
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