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Apocalypse Fridays: Looking on the Bright Side

Union Square: Following up on the TGI Friday's coming to Union Square news, Grub Street points out that the chain actually originated in New York back in 1965 before dominating suburbs everywhere with its alluring mediocrity. But does its origin story mean the folks in Union Square will be any less outraged when they see it going up so close to their precious Greenmarket? That's a no.

Yet, while many across the interwebs decry the decline and fall of Union Square, Eater commenters are here to encourage everyone to look on the bright side. First, making lemonade out of lemons:

I am going to run a $1 shuttle bus between TGI Friday's and Superdive starting at 8pm on Thursdays and Fridays. See all of you in a year when you're doing my gardening in the Hamptons, suckers!

Now Irving Mill can't monopolize the market:

It used to be that if you were on 16th street and wanted deep fried, overly salted, underwhelming food served in a themed restaurant the size of a barn, you're only option was Irving Mill. Choices people, choices.
Hey, it's a boon for Heartland:
I'm not so concerned about the retail stores going in there, the Best Buy is essentially replacing Circuit City. And Dunkin Donuts are less prevalent than Starbucks. But really, TGI Fridays in Union Square is just too much. Though I bet Heartland Brewery will be psyched not to be the crappiest tourist-trap restaurant in Union Square anymore.
You know, Tim Horton's aint so bad:
"...On the plus side, Tim Hortons is far superior to Dunkin, which absolutely sucks. Wish Krispy Kreme was still prevalent.
That's the spirit everyone! It could always be worse.
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