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The State of the Bea: Times Files on Neighbors v. Noise

The Times gets on the old Neighbors vs Nightclubs beat this weekend, filing a sympathetic piece on the shuttered and vandalized West Village hotspot The Beatrice Inn and the larger issues facing NYC nightlife. What we learn:

A) It would cost the Bea hundreds of thousands of dollars to reopen (and then of course they won't get their liquor license renewed) so no one's holding their breath over this.
B) Bea owner Paul Sevigny is planning a new club and restaurant in Soho, so he'll have a fresh set of neighbors to tangle with.

C) Some blame all the 311 calls and thus the increased police raids on a migration of wealthy olds into the city. Funny because the olds that protest at community board meetings always say they've been in the city for 60 years. The more likely culprit: the invention of 311.
D) Some club owners spend 7% on fines, legal fees, lost revenue due to raids.
E) One neighbor's suggestion for the Beatrice:

We used to have a lot of noise problems with the Waverly Inn, and that is why my neighbor bought it...If there’s a Graydon Carter living near the Beatrice Inn who wants to buy it, that would be a great solution.
Thanks lady. Very helpful.
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The Beatrice Inn

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