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Eater Inside: Trattoria Cinque

[Krieger, 8/14/09]

Tribeca: Russell Bellanca, owner of Alfredo's in Rock Center and son to the owner of the Roman original, opens Trattoria Cinque, a 250 seat spot with a lounge, two bars, two pdrs, and an expansive dining room this week in the old Devin Tavern space. Meant to resemble a 1960's Italian trattoria, Cinque has two fireplaces, a marble bar, long wooden tables, shelves of imported groceries, and artwork depicting motorcycles, vespas, and vintage cars. As for the menu, the focus here is on the number five (cinque). They serve five pastas, five big plates like ribeye and whole roasted hen, five small plates (frittura mista), five desserts, and so on, with everything under $25. It may be gimmicky, but if the chef Mirco Grassini, a recent alum of Alfredo of Rome, can pull off authentic Italian cuisine down on Greenwich, maybe they'll get some Locanda Verde runoff.