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The Shutter: Smorgas Chef, PetalBelle, Luxee, Red Mango

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Welcome to the Friday shutter. Know of any other restaurant that has served its last? Let us know.

petalbelle 1.jpg1) Lower East Side: The City Sweet Tooth sends word that upper Cinton St. bakery Luxee will close after service this Sunday. Perhaps the block coudn't handle Clinton St. Baking Company, Cocoa Bar, and this little French/Japanese sweets shops at once. [City Sweet Tooth]

2) Soho: Grub Street brings the news that PetalBelle, the year old Belgian waffle and cupcake joint that opened during the great waffle surge of summer '08, has closed down on Sullivan Street. No signs yet on what will replace it. [GS]

3) Flatiron: It's All Fare reports that the Red Mango on 6th and 22nd closed on August 9th. It will be replaced by (of course) another fro-yo shop called 22 Happy Cups. [IAF]

4) Midtown East: The branch of Smorgas Chef on 49th and Second Ave has closed. Signage in the window reports rent was too high, and the place has been on the market since March. [ShutterWire]