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Plywood Michael Huynh World Domination Edition

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Two days ago it came out that prolific restaurateur and sudden empire builder Michael "Bao" Huynh would be opening a new noodle restaurant called O Bao in Midtown this fall. That's of course on top of his four Baoguettes and his new LES beer garden Bia Garden (and his slightly older BarBao and Bun). Fork in the Road sits down with him and learns he is nowhere near done yet.

Capitalizing on reduced rents—he says every landlord is offering space for 25% less than usual—he's been leasing up a storm. After opening his Baoguette in FiDi this fall, he's planning six more throughout the city. After that, a seafood restaurant on the Williamsburg waterfront at North 5th and Kent. After that (maybe) Atlantic City and Las Vegas! Once known as the flightiest chef in New York, the man now owns this city.
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