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Chronicles of El Chod: Center Cut Becomes Chowder Shack

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How could this not succeed?
How could this not succeed?
Horine, 10/29/08

Upper West Side: Somehow, Restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow's massive and pricey 10 month-old steakhouse in the Empire Hotel, Center Cut, didn't fare well during the recession. Zagat and flor Fab report he's closing up shop on the 22nd, four months after the shuttering of his beloved Kobe Club. But is he giving up the space? Heeeelll no! El Chod's not going anywhere. No, he'll be reopening it as a more recession friendly seafood restaurant with a chowder bar and a raw bar. Yes, El Chod's chowder bar! The man in charge of the operation is chef Ed Brown, a man familiar with opening the wrong kind of restaurant at the wrong time (see Eighty One). They hope to open next month.
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