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SSW Complaints Dept: Delicatessen is a True Shitshow

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Months ago, we asked readers to submit their worst dining experiences of the past year. In this space, we run those complaints, no matter how cranky. Have one of your own? Send it this way.

2009_08_delicatessen.jpgFrom: [an eater]
Date: Thursday, August 13 2009
To: Shitshow Week complaints dept.
Subject: Delicatessen is a True Shitshow


Please please please add Delicatessen to this list. Worst meal/dining experience I've had and I've been around. Where to start? Hm, first shot at my burger...burned. Second was raw. The third time was no charm either. Only then did the waitress say "I should have known you were going to send it back, our chefs cant cook burgers" - please note, this was said AFTER she recommended the burger. And what do they do to make up for it? They sent me a poor excuse for chicken salad. I vowed never to go back, but I was literally dragged back 6 months later and had just as horrible an experience. I keep up with all the food blogs and I know I'm not alone. I mean, when your roof gets peed on, that's a big red flag for a shitshow, no?
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