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Shitshow Week Polls: What is the Worst Rip Off in NYC?

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One of the missions of Shitshow Week 2009: Find the biggest rip off on an NYC menu. Every day we'll pit at least two reader-recommended rip offs against each other. On Friday, the winners of the four polls will face off. Have a really good ripoff to recommend? We're listening

2009_05_colbertreport.jpgToday's rip off poll focuses on the truly absurd, insanely overpriced dishes for the stupidly wealthy (or the just stupid). Gold flakes, caviar, and lobster abound. But what is worse, a sundae made of gold for $1,000 or a burger topped with some foie for $200? Given no New Yorkers really order them, they still won't be as offensive as a disappointing $22 portobello burger. Please see this Colbert Report video for a more in depth explanation of a few of the selections.

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