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Shitshow Alert: Jamba Juice's Flatbread Pizzas Hit NYC

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Union Square: Back in June, it was reported that Jamba Juice was planning on going waaay off brand by introducing flatbrads, sandwiches, salads, a line of frozen food, and (this is true) "a toy blender for kids to play Jamba Juice at home." All this, of course, was an attempt to reverse declining sales. The pizzas and whatnot were only supposed to be launched in California and would go nationwide by sometime next year if successful. However, in honor of Shitshow Week, the smoothie giant has decided to bring it to NYC—or in the very least the University Pl. location above—now! Jamba's vice president of innovation (that is his real title) reports their pizzas contain no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. It's all reheated healthy goodness. Workers in Union Square: please don't fall all over one another trying to get at this stuff. There's enough for everyone. Update: Slice finds out what they taste like (spoiler: it's cardboard!).
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