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EaterWire: Magnolia in LA, Meatball Truck Hits The Burg

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LOS ANGELES— In the Magnolia World Domination Wire, it's been confirmed that the NYC cupcake monster is heading west. While pr reps have confirmed a much rumored move to LA, they won't discuss the suspected location on 3rd and Orlando. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]

WILLIAMSBURG— Grub Street finds a Craigslist ad for a new Swedish Meatball truck. They'll be located in a lot four blocks from the Bedford L and will serve "Belgian Fries, Fish and Chips, Swedish Meatballs, Bangers and Mash, as well as drinks, candy, and whatnot." [GS]

WITTLE KITTIES— Minetta Tavern chef Riad Nasr has a cage of kittens he needs to unload. Mr. Cutlets will act as go-between. [TFB]

CHELSEA— A tipster sends in photos of the DOH'ing of Tello Ristorante on 19th and 8th Ave. Sad for a place known for its raw bar. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO— Meanwhile in San Francisco some thugs brandishing 40s as weapons tried to rob an ice cream truck on the highway by repeatedly ramming into it. [Eater SF]

Magnolia Bakery

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