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Spotting the Siftonator: Future Critic at The Redhead?

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East Village: Trusted Eater sources reveal that the ownership of East Village bar and Southern food oasis The Redhead believes they spotted New York's Most Wanted, future Times restaurant critic Sam Sifton, in there this week. It would be surprising if the man came out of the gate making a star out of some already beloved bar food, but perhaps he's just eating around town, comparing fried chickens and the like.

How they made him? Other than looking like all those pictures, Sifton and his large group apparently ordered six appetizers to share. Note to all unassuming bald white guys in this city: order a lot of aps and share everything; service should improve tenfold.

In other Sifton news, to the right we present a composite of what the man may look like after a few months prepping for the gig. He's already joked that he's fatter and hairier than his pictures. So here it is. Restaurateurs, you're welcome. (Sifty, forgive us.)
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