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In the Shitshow Week Spotlight: At Vermilion, Pt. 2

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In preparation for Shitshow Week 2009, we asked readers to send in nominations for the city's worst shitshows. Since Chicago import At Vermilion received by far the most nominations, we'll be running a reader letter every day. On Friday, get ready for the full Eater assessment.

2009_08_atvermilion2.jpgMidtown East: At Vermilion Nomination #2 is short and to the point: "I nominate At Vermilion because it is the most confused, confusing, and underachieving place in the city. And because the name makes no sense, since the original is called simply Vermilion." Point taken.

Please send any further Shitshow Nominations or a defense of any nominated restaurant to
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