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Ambiguous Shutters: Will Merkato 55 Survive Bankruptcy?

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Meatpacking District: New York now has a number of well known restaurants that have recently gone bust yet survived the restructurings. Tailor for example, Allen & Delancey, City Lobster & Steak, Popeye's. But does the long troubled bankrupt shitshow Merkato 55 belong on that list? Or has it gone the way of shuttered (and soon to be Momofied) Town?

A spot check on Sunday revealed the restaurant was not open. Phone calls have gone unanswered for days, and the website account has been recently suspended. Guest of a Guest hasn't checked in with a party report since May. Yet, there is no shutter signage and owners always said the plan was to emerge from bankruptcy unscathed. Please readers, send a report if you've witnessed Merkato/Le 55's signature Saturday afternoon brunch bonanza recently. The world needs to know that this is finally over.
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