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Countdown Bruni: How About Another Look at This Guy?

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Frank and reporter John Berman
Frank and reporter John Berman
Steve Fenn

People, get ready to change that desktop background. In case the Publisher's Weekly Bruni mug (the smirking Brunz) wasn't enough, Nightline sends over a still from the special they're running on the man on August 19. And for some additional fun, a choice quote pulled from the piece on Franktastic's pet peeves:

I hate it when servers use incredibly stilted language...I hate that common phrase in a restaurant, you know, "are you done working on that?" As if you’re chiseling away at a sculpted piece of marble. Or I hate it when they say..."are you done enjoying that"...don’t say whether or not I enjoyed it, whether I am finished with it or not, whether I’m enjoying it or not is another matter.
You tell 'em Frank.
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